Bill Bartmann

“I’m on a mission to reform the debt
collection industry in America.”

Bouncing Back

Bill’s Autobiography

They say that truth can be stranger than fiction, and in the case of Bill Bartmann, it’s absolutely the case. Bouncing Back is a glimpse into situations most of us never see: Leaving a dirt-poor family at age 14 to join the carnival; being an alcoholic gang member by age 17; becoming paralyzed by falling down stairs drunk; being told that you’ll never walk again, yet later walking out of the hospital.

Bouncing Back is about the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. It’s also about how you never know what’s around the corner.

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Bill Bartmann successfully settled debts of 4.5 million consumers –
and he did it with zero lawsuits.

“Bill Bartmann ... put a seedy and inefficient industry on the road to respectability.”
“Bill Bartmann survived failure, remade one of the country’s ugliest industries.”
“Although Bartmann lost his company, he managed to turn his loss into an opportunity that ... changed an entire industry.”
“Bill Bartmann has built a big business of bad debt. He also may have made bill collectors kinder and gentler. None of it would have happened if he hadn’t gone broke.”
“Patron Saint of the Second Chance. A second chance. Who better to offer it than Bill Bartmann.”

They’re out of control

Some bill collectors are nothing more than criminals. They think civilized rules don’t apply to them, so they can hound, threaten, and abuse borrowers until they pay up. Sometimes they even pressure people into paying debts they do not owe.

At the same time, regulations and enforcement have not kept up with these scoundrels. Penalties are so small that some bad guys are happy to pay a fine and continue their abusive ways.

One solution is to make two things abundantly clear to our elected officials:

  1. We need to show that the problem is even more widespread than most people believed; and
  2. As citizens who are also taxpayers and voters, we must demand that collection-industry rogues and criminals be made to pay for their unacceptable actions.

If you agree, then we invite you to sign the petition.

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